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    • Design, Implementation and Improvement of Quality Management Systems under ISO Standards
    • Training and coaching of system administrators and internal auditors
    • Implementation and monitoring QMS correlated with other standards (GMP , ISO 14001 , ISO 17025 , 90003 , etc)
    • Lay Out Development proposals (layout plan)
    • Layout and implementation of Dashboards
    • Development, review , improvement and adaptation of documentary support
    • Developing Contingency Plans (Fire)
    • Development Studies Methods and Times
    • Implementation and monitoring of OM , AC and AP
    • Reengineering process for improving working circuits , costs and time  
    • Development and execution of Market studies
    • Training budgets to optimize economic resources
    • Development, implementation and control of total preventive maintenance plans
    • Preparation and delivery of training courses and management
    • Development and implementation of Employee Satisfaction Surveys and Customer Satisfaction
    • Development and implementation of systems Industrial Costs
    • CEP systems development
    • Human Resources Recruitment
    • Conducting internal audits
    • Registration of Marks (Trade marks)